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For my loyal clients, I will provide you with updates on the type of properties you are looking for!

I call these my "HOTSHEETS" - notifications the moment new properties are available!

While there are many options on the market, the best values are often times the brand new listings
that hit the market daily - be one of the first to be notified!  This is a service I provide my clients
who have contacted me, are pre-approved for a home loan (required in the first 5 days of contact),
and have a desire to find their new Dream Home!

Just let me know what type of property you are looking for, the minimum number of bedrooms
and bathrooms (if any), and the price range you'd like to stay in.  Also let me know what areas
you are interested in - then I can send you every listing, listed by every company
in the area that lists a home you might be interested in!  Fill in the form below, and we'll get started!

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