Ballpark CMA

So – you want to know what your home is worth, but even just a general idea of it’s value will suffice for now, right?  That’s why we’ve created “The Ballpark CMA”.

If you provide us with some basic information on your home, we can give you a “Ballpark” idea of what your home is worth in today’s market.  Now, please be advised that this Market Analysis is not going to be 100% accurate, as only by visiting and touring your home will we be able to see your home’s special features, amenities and condition.  Feel free to request a full market analysis, or a “Ballpark CMA” – whichever you prefer at this point in time.  As always, you can also call us at 509-499-0883 if you prefer!

Please let us know about your home, as well as give us your contact information so we can get you a Market Anaylsis right away. Also - please let us know if you would like the "Ballpark CMA", or if you would prefer a more precise analysis which requires us to visit your home for a quick tour!
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