What’s My Home Worth?

The first question a seller has is a simple one, yet a very important oneWhat is my home worth in today’s market?  Everyone seems to know what their home was worth back in 2005 or 2007, but what your home is worth in today’s market is the question we need to answer.

If you know what your home will sell for in today’s market, you can begin planning your next move!  You have two options here – get a “Ballpark CMA”, where you tell me some basic information on your home and we will put together a market analysis based off of the information you provide us.  This “Ballpark CMA” can be emailed to you, usually within 24-48 hours, providing you with a decent “Ballpark Idea” of what your home is worth.

If you’d like a more precise analysis of your home, you can request an appointment with us so that that we may come out to your home for a tour.  This will allow us to view the special amenities your home has to offer, thus allowing us to give you a precise market analysis of your home – a much more specific price opinion that you can use to determine your next move!

Feel free to contact us anytime for either a “Ballpark CMA” or a “Complete CMA” on your home – we’d love to hear from you!  As always, you can also call us directly at 509-499-0883 if you prefer!

Please let us know about your home, as well as give us your contact information so we can get you a Market Anaylsis right away. Also - please let us know if you would like the "Ballpark CMA", or if you would prefer a more precise analysis which requires us to visit your home for a quick tour!
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